Our most important mission

The path to becoming a sustainable company: We tell you about our ideas and measures to achieve this goal.

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Soziale Nachhaltigkeit

Social sustainability

Every day, 250 different personalities and 30 different nationalities work on the manufacture of your dream bike. As diverse as our personalised bikes are, so are the people who build them.

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Velovert nachhaltiges Bikes

Eco Grey

The creation of a sustainable color. The idea of a production employee provides a sustainable color.

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Mitarbeiterin in der Produktion

Switching to special grease

By testing all production materials and switching to sustainable products, we want to improve the sustainability of our production step by step.

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Packaging and shipment

By changing details in our packaging and delivery system, we can save resources and protect our environment.

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Customized manufacturing

How sustainable is the production of e-bikes? Our custom made philosophy guides us in our efforts to make production more sustainable.

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