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On average, an e-bike produces 15 times less CO2 per kilometer than an electric car. The emission savings compared to a diesel powered car are almost twice as high. Now, if not earlier, everyone realizes that the e-bike is a much more environmentally friendly means of transportation than the car. But how sustainable is the e-bike production? In several articles, we want to consider the production of our bikes from different perspectives and share our thoughts on the sustainable development of the production. In which parts of the production can we become more sustainable and what are we already implementing?

In our efforts to not only sell a sustainable product, but to make production itself sustainable, we are guided by our central philosophy: "Your Bike. Custom Made." This means that in our production we only manufacture according to the customer's needs. Only after the bike has been configured and all components have been selected we begin to work in our manufactory to produce the individualized bike or e-bike. In this way, we avoid overproduction. It also minimizes the risk of components being replaced and thrown away after purchase of the bike, ensuring a more sustainable use of resources. This charateristic is unmatched in the industry and makes us a unique brand. 


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