Social sustainability

Soziale Nachhaltigkeit


Every day, 250 different personalities and 30 different nationalities work on the manufacture of your dream bike. As diverse as our personalised bikes are, so are the people who build them. This means that many different experiences, perspectives and attitudes come together in our company. That is why we want to face up to social responsibility and integrate the idea of sustainability further and further into all our work processes and fields of activity.

"Passion and diversity" - these two terms can be used to describe the DNA of VELO DE VILLE. Managing Director Alain Thiemann responds to the question of what he particularly values in his everyday work with: "Tolerance and a respectful way of dealing with each other, that is enormously important and responsible for our positive atmosphere. Different perspectives, skills and subjective experiences lead to the product diversity and innovation we offer you at VELO DE VILLE." Behind VELO DE VILLE is a team that does everything to focus on you as a customer and your individual wishes. We are aware that bearing social responsibility is not a project that can be completed. For this reason, we are continuously working on improving ourselves and living social sustainability at VELO DE VILLE.

We encourage diversity, equal opportunities and the complete integration of each personality. In cooperation with the LWL, we employ about 10% people with disabilities, who are an integral and essential part of the VELO DE VILLE team. Alain Thiemann explains that they contribute to the success of the company just as much as the other colleagues: "It is especially great when you see that the employees then teach themselves sign language in their free time, for example. For an independent family business, these are the small, big joys in everyday life that make us very proud."

This working atmosphere ensures that our employees not only feel comfortable and motivated at work, but some also stay with us long past retirement age. Through apprenticeships in various areas of our company, we offer young people the opportunity to lay a foundation for their future. Especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers, we are pleased that we can train our own two-wheel mechatronics technicians. While we at VELO DE VILLE stand for gender equality, the bicycle industry itself is a traditionally male one. That is not a tradition we want to live by. On the contrary, in recent years we have had more female than male trainees, especially in training for bicycle mechatronics. At VELO DE VILLE, the focus is on the people who make the individual bikes we want in our production facilities in Münsterland. And that shapes the entire working environment and creates a positive atmosphere.

In order to improve and to continue to offer our employees a good working atmosphere in the future, an anonymous survey on employee satisfaction at VELO DE VILLE was developed and carried out for the first time this year. Because only by collecting feedback can we become better and VELO DE VILLE remain a fair employer in the beautiful Münsterland region. In response to the survey, we received a lot of positive feedback as well as constructive input on areas where we can improve as an employer.

The survey showed that overall there is a high level of satisfaction among our employees, especially with regard to the working atmosphere and the activities in the company. We are very pleased that 90 % of our employees have a high level of well-being at work and that a majority of them are satisfied with the available working space. Furthermore, 94% of our employees have reported that they rate the teamwork in their own work area as good or even very good.

An important consideration for the future is to ensure a cross-departmental flow of information within the company. 57 % of our employees see potential for improvement by making work organisation more transparent. Due to the growth of VELO DE VILLE in recent years, internal communication on work processes and organisational structures will also grow in the future.

We are excited to see how the results of the satisfaction survey will develop in the coming years and look forward to tracking our progress. Our goal is for all 250 personalities of our company to pull together and continuously increase the satisfaction of our employees.

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